Thursday, November 15, 2007

Humans don't understand

I have wolves. Yep, they're hybrids, but wolves at their core. Humans don't understand. It's all oral. My sweet little malamute/hybrid wolf is all wolf. And she sees the world from a wolf perspective. She is totally oral. She bites my hand when I come home from work, she bites my hand whenever I'm in her presence. She bites....and I bite back!

I'm her alpha...and I'm her omega. Christ is our alpha and omega. I look to Him, and marvel at how He is the alpha and omega. Nothing happens thru Him that isn't the alpha and the omega.

I have wolves...but their character is reminiscent of the character of Christ...tuff to swallow, but wonderful to behold. We are our nature. But we must acquiesce to the Character of Christ. We must. Not always easy or natural, but we much acquiesce to the character of Christ. I think our wolves are Christian. Crazy it may be...but they love and respect us in our moments of prayer. Christian wolves...what a notion! They are silent, and benevolent when we are praying. Wow! The power of God in our, and their, presence.

Our Lord, wonderfully blesses each of His followers with awe and wonder. I'm awed and wondered by this gift of His kingdom. Wolves are cool...and of God.

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