Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Breakfast Tears

Yesterday morning I met with friends for the weekly Tuesday breakfast. There are 4 to 5 couples who meet each week and I just love the fellowship. The men sit together and yap about things...while the women sit together and yap about things. I typically sit with the women, as I love being around women.

Conversation drifted to God's awesome power and how He answers prayers. I saw that one woman, Judy, had a walker next to her seat. It's the first time I'd seen her with a walker rather than a wheelchair in over a year. I shared with her how our entire church erupted into applause when sharing the news that she can finally walk again and that many, many peoples prayers for her had been answered. She held my hand and wept tears of joy. She said that she felt all the prayers and is so humbled and grateful that people thought to lift her up. Me and 4 ladies raised our hands in praise right there on the spot!

Next, Val (another of the ladies) and I were sharing concern over a woman who has many, many serious physical maladies. She said that this woman's problems made her think of her daughter and the battles with illness that she fights on a daily basis. Suddenly she stopped talking. She held out her arms and invited me to hold her. As we embraced she said..."Next time she's here we're going to call you so that we can all pray together". I told her I'd be honored to pray with her and her daughter. Val said, "You're making me cry. I should have brought her to prayer a year ago...I just never thought to do it."

Val and I continued in conversation about how when we pray for other people - deeply, sincerely pray - God takes you to another place. She said that in those rare times of deep prayer God takes her out of this world and into another. When she comes back the problems that were there before are gone. And if they're not gone...they're just not problems anymore. She held my hands and said that we need to take her daughter there. She asked me if it were Christmas day when she was there would it be OK to call me then. We just looked into each other's eyes and both nodded yes. We were both crying.

Two of the 4 women had brought their husbands to healing services within the past year. Both of their husbands received God's mercy, grace, and healing. We've all shared tears before - just never at breakfast at the Bulldog Grill. I couldn't have imagined a better way to start the day.


Vicki said...

Beautiful, Brother Marty. You've brought tears to my eyes this morning. Praise God!

Brother Marty said...

And you've brought tears to my eyes with your comment. Thank you.
Your friend in Christ...