Friday, November 16, 2007

A Conduit

My Google Alerts brought me this account of a child being healed of cerebral palsy. I read it and was awed by how people's faith can lead to healing. But then, I reflect on how Jesus said time and again, "your faith has made you whole", or "your faith has healed him".

Those in the healing ministry are not the healers, but a conduit for God's mercy and grace. A conduit must be the optimum connection between two sources. Copper is a better conduit than many other metals for electricity. A sinful, submissive believer is a better conduit for God's healing power than a sinful non-believer. If it were possible to be a sinless believer, that would be the best conduit. Jesus was just that. He was sinless and as such The Father's power worked perfectly through Him.

I pray that in my ministry I be as sinless as I can. When I succumb to sin because of my humanity, may my confessions cleanse me and transform me into an ideal conduit. May I have faith in the power of the blood of Jesus that I no longer carry the burden of sins forgiven, but look to the future with a cleansed soul, ready to take on a servant's spirit. May we all learn to accept the forgiveness of sins, and move forward in service to Our Lord.


Given55 said...

Your post is sooo true. I am always amazed when God uses me. I am the "chief of sinners" after all. Such a great God we serve.

Brother Marty said...

I'm so inspired by your words. Thank you for your input.