Sunday, March 09, 2008

First Post in over a MONTH!

Sometimes life, and church life in particular, make for busier days than normal. I, being a self-employed person, have been busier than usual with work as well. But, it's time for an update.

This week I answered the call to enter into ministry. I've been appointed as pastor over a small, shrinking church. But that definition may change. Today was the first day of me being the shepherd of a small flock. I love these people. They are so very open to anything and everything that I can bring to their congregation. Imagine that...a clean slate from which to start! I turn to God for guidance and direction. Already He has responded. They don't have an order of worship for their weekly gatherings...they don't follow any particular liturgy....they don't have music...they don't have bible study...they don't have much...but what they have, they have with enthusiasm. And it is my privilege to be there for them.

This church is marked to be dropped from the denomination because of their shrinking numbers, lack of payment to be part of the fellowship...and because they are a dying church. I'm a living, breathing, God-loving leader, and if they accept me, there will be change. I will lead...and Lord willing...they will follow.

How many of us have ever been given a clean slate? Truly...a clean slate where those in worship have said...."whatever you think is good for us, Pastor, we will do"? It is an awesome privilege and honor to lead willing followers into the unknown. I am overwhelmed by the prospect, while, simultaneously enthused. Duh...who wouldn't be?

I don't ask for prayer for me in this situation...but if you're so moved to do so...PRAY! These 10 people can turn into 15....then 20...then more.....and more.....if they embrace the move of the Holy Spirit to ignite them into witnessing and inviting others to share in the praise and worship of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I know that I'll be pushing the envelope for them to go out into the community and witness. Did that today...let's see what next week brings.

So, that's what Brother Marty's been up to lately. Working his butt off in the day job...preaching every Sunday evening at our praise and worship service, and getting appointed to a church that is on it's last dying leg. Lotsa fun...lotsa challenges....but most importantly, lotsa opportunities to serve Our Savior. I love it. Anybody else had any challenges lately?

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