Monday, January 21, 2008

The Girl and the Others....

In the last post I spoke about the girl asking about the pendant I wear. There were others with her. Specifically, there were four others. I responded to her, but saw the amazement in the eyes of the others she was with. While speaking to her others were moved to be part of the conversation. I saw in the eyes of one, a special gift. He was looking at her, but listening to me. How strange.

I mention (and blog) about this because we don't often realize the effect we have on "others" when we share what God has in store for us. I saw a kindred spirit in those listening. I saw a fascination for what God can do in the eyes of those lurking on the sidelines. I saw more than this one person wanting to be part of God's ministry to us lost souls...I saw hope.

I share this because I want to share how sharing the message of hope offered through following Jesus Christ is bigger than we know. May we all be ministers of His love, grace, and mercy, to those who seek, as well as those who are bystanders. You never know what it will turn into.

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