Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ever Been in a Tight?

It's a saying we use to say...ever been caught unprepared...or not ready for what you were responsible to do? I ask again...ever been caught in a tight? Today, I was.

I had been behind all week in my real job...and had to deliver a sermon and conduct worship at a new assignment. At 4am this morning I was up trying to cover all the bases. No sermon to speak of ready for well planned order of worship....just plain behind. I thought about giving $39.95 for a subscription to but wouldn't succumb to that. So I sucked it in and studied, and studied, and left for church with only a hope and a prayer. Funny how God works! The sermon was "spot on" as my Euro-friends would put it. God works in wonderfully mysterious ways. But wait....there was the Sunday night service! Again...insufficient preparation...only prayer...but it too was a success.

I humble myself before Our Lord. Isn't it awesome when the Holy Spirit convicts us and takes over our meager human preparations (or lack thereof) to empower us to deliver what our sovereign Lord wants to happen? I stand on the sidelines just in awe.

So I offer this testimony up to anyone who may be reading. Sometimes, Our Lord provides, in spite of ourselves. Imagine what He can do when we give Him all He deserves. I think that's what tonight's sermon was about. I'll have to review my notes to be sure.

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