Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I must acknowledge the wonderful posts, replies, and words of encouragement since announcing that I've been appointed to a pastoral position. Duh, I'm just a Jesus Freak!

I'm particularly moved by those who find a renewal in their positions by virtue of my newfound-enthusiastic appointment. Too cool. May my experience bring excitement and enthusiasm to anyone who is reading.

So, here I am with the task of bringing true worship to a congregation that has lived without it for all too long. Next week (the week after Palm Sunday)...Easter Sunday...I'm bringing communion to them. It's been years since they've had communion. What a privilege. I hardly know what to say or do...cuz it's such a wonderful thing to embrace. While I'm not an elder...I'm having the elements blessed/consecrated by one. And they will experience the love of Christ, through communion, in a deeper way than before. Is this cool or what?

So starts my ministry as a local lay pastor. I'll report as time progresses, and hope to report good things.

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