Monday, March 17, 2008

Preacher vs Minister

I get caught up in the differences between being a minister (to a congregation) and a preacher. While I struggle, although mostly victoriously, with being a preacher...I struggle more with being a minister. To be that person who comes to the side of families in times of trouble...well...that isn't what I signed on for. But it comes with the territory.

I see the need to share the scripture for a "person of God" to make things more bearable. There is a need in a difficult situation and I hope to help make it easier to bear. That's ministry...and something I've not dealt with. I think that is a "pastoral" problem. So, I'll deal with it and hope that God provides a way. While I've not yet confronted such a situation in the early days of my charge, I know it will come. Is there some manual for this stuff? Maybe the Book of Worship for Methodists? Maybe the school of hard knocks. Don't know.

I share these thoughts because I'm a few months away from being appointed to a church with about 100 on the roles...with about 75% attending regularly. I worry, and yet I anxiously await the opportunity. While I'm not seeking advice...I'm merely venting about the prospects of facing matters of faith for which I'm not prepared. I know...God will make a way.

Putting things in perspective, preaching connects one with a congregation. Hopefully that will lead to a ministering perspective that I may not perceive me being capable of providing. Yet, it may.

Thoughts, ponderings, reflections from a lay person appointed to be a "MINISTER" to people of Christ. I pray that I'm adequately equipped to serve in situations where called to serve. Nonetheless....DUH...I'm a preacher...never before a minister.

But hold on a minute. This blog is about healing. I must admit that I'm a minister in this regard, but only to those who seek this specific type of ministry. Is it possible to connect the healing ministry with the world of general ministry? Notions are popping around in my mind that the answer is yes. So there may be something to draw upon. Time will tell.

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