Sunday, March 09, 2008

Slain in the Spirit - A Personal Baptism

Wow, don't know if I should go here, but I will. I have a friend who's been seeking an experience where he could be "slain in the spirit" and experience God's overwhelming presence in his life. Two weeks ago it happened. He brought a relative of his, a charismatic, to visit me at my office. We secluded ourselves and talked about things of The Spirit. In the midsts of our dialogs, there was a presence that could not be denied. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit. And my friend sought a personal experience with the Holy Spirit.

I've "been there...done that" but was especially moved by my friend's desire to be slain. In the midst of our prayer, in the ecstasy of having God present among us, he was ready. He was "swooning" as in, feet planted securely upon the ground but moving about in circles. I was overwhelmed and asked the charismatic relative of his to invoke the Holy Spirit in him at that time and place. He put his hands upon him and told him to experience the love and mercy of God, NOW, and submit to it. He did, and he was overcome by the Holy Spirit.

I share this because this friend has been a missionary to South America and Africa. He has seen others overwhelmed this way, but never experienced it for himself. He had a sort of "envy". That day was his day. And it was, indeed, a blessing to him. My friend, was baptized in the Holy Spirit. It is a baptism, that if you haven't experienced, should make you yearn for it. It is wonderfully Godly experience that should be yearned for. And for those who experience it, it is a pivotal, point to that day, experience.

I only share this because there may be some who are entertaining the notion of being "slain in the spirit" or merely stepping into the unknown in the name of Jesus. DO IT! You may be surprised by what is revealed to you. Trusting in Christ is the key to knowing what tomorrow may bring, because you are equipped to deal with it, whatever it may be. Trust in The Lord, and let Him have His way with slain if that's what it takes. But trust in Jesus Christ.

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