Monday, January 21, 2008

FINALLY...a Question About the Pendant I Wear

I wear a necklace with the pendant of the Order of St. Luke the Physician to church and all religious meetings I attend. Tonight, someone finally asked me about it. It is a necklace with the logo of The Order of St. Luke, the Physician....(like seen in the left sidebar of this blog) and I was enthused to talk about it. To my amazement, this young lady (17 by my best guess) was enamored by it and inquired as to what it meant. I told her that it is a symbol of people who believe in the healing miracles of Christ...for today. I further told her that I'm an associate member of the order and that we pray, in a special way, for healing to come to those who need it. She said..."I want to be part of this". I invited her to be a prayer team member when we hold a service to pray fervently for relief of what ails the people who come. She was ecstatic. So, I'll call her daddy and ask that he give her permission to come pray with us at our next service.

I was awed by the faith of our youth. This child is wanting to participate in the revelation of God's glory, in the healing of someone. Are you as grounded by this as I am? God works wonderfully through children (and a 17 year old is a I am a child of God) and I'll invite this young person to pray for others at the earliest opportunity.

God works mysteriously through us all. May this sharing of the desire of a young person serve as testimony that God isn't through with us yet. By No Means!

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