Monday, January 14, 2008

I Finally Pastor a Church (kind of)

It's called Common Ground. Believers of all denominations are welcomed to praise and worship thru music. Housed in our Methodist church, it reaches out to Baptists, the unchurched, as well as others of different denominations. We welcome all followers of Jesus Christ.

Tonight we had a mere 30 worshipers. It will grow. The power of praise and worship through music is new to me...yet compelling to me. I serve as the preacher in this service. And when planning, I serve somewhat as a pastor. For me...unchartered territories. But it is an awesome experience. We're three months into this and it is growing...not so much in numbers, but in new faces. Two joined our church last week because of this ministry...and I expect yet another in the next week or so. More to come.

Common Ground is just that...a place for believers to come together to worship Our Lord...on common ground. Forget denominations...forget preachers...rather, come together for common worship. In the process, some will identify with the host church. Two did last week...may there be more.

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