Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Healed of Cancer - Praise God

Word came back to me today that God is not out of the miracle business. In the early fall we held a public healing service...that is, one that was advertised and open to all who desired to come. A woman attended with her husband and she was the last to come for healing prayer. She had been diagnosed with a massive cancerous growth. Her prospects were bleak. We prayed for her and laid hands upon her. I remember that the Holy Spirit was powerfully present at that very moment.

The couple came from about 30 miles away and I'd not seen or heard from them since. Until yesterday. The husband called a mutual friend and he called us to say that the doctors were dumbfounded. After analyzing her last MRI they said that the growth is gone! There is no sign that it was ever there and they have no way to explain it. She and her husband know what happened to it...God made it go away.

God blesses the faith of believers. God blesses us all when we turn to Him with expectancy, humility, and faith, regardless of what the world throws our way. Praise God!

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