Monday, January 14, 2008

Total Depravity

Do you ever entertain the notion of total depravity? I mean personally...not from a pulpit or a Sunday School desk. Personally.

All too often we focus upon the death and sacrifice of Jesus, rather than the promise he made that God would send the Holy Spirit to make us even stronger followers of the light and the love of God The Father. We bury Jesus, but fail to embrace the risen Christ. He lives...He lives...Christ Jesus lives today. Forget the tomb and remember the ascension. Through that ascension the gift of the Holy Spirit is here for us TODAY...if only we succumb to it.

I often get caught up in the sacrifice of Jesus. Who wouldn't? But the true, higher calling, is to embrace the resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit. It's not an easy goal to have; being a kingdom servant...but a necessary goal for all who call themselves disciples. Accepting this notion, calls for acknowledging one's total depravity. I don't experience it as often as I should. But when I do...I witness God working miracles in these people He calls His children. And He will through you, too, if only you submit.

I hope that I'm not perceived as preaching, rather, sharing what God has put on my heart tonight. He wants our total submission...not part of us...not a budgeted amount of time...but all of us. And in that submission, confessing our total depravity, He will reveal Himself in ways we cannot imagine.

May the abundant grace and mercy of Our Lord rain down upon every follower of Jesus Christ. And may we stop burying Him and start following Him..."Repent, for the kingdom of God is near." That's what Jesus said...can we believe it? Can we accept it? Can we follow it in light of His resurrection and ascension into heaven? Or are we stuck in his burial? I follow the risen Christ and His promise for us all.

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