Saturday, December 15, 2007

When it Becomes Personal

I've been in the healing ministry for 3 years now. I've seen many marvels and wonders of Our Lord's grace and mercy. I'm utterly awed by what He has done. Again, utterly awed. But now it's personal. My brother has a brain tumor. I pray, and pray, and pray. I get to the point where I don't know what to pray for, but I continue to pray. I pray that God can do anything, at any time, and His will will be done. I pray.
Please, dear readers of this blog...pray. Pray that God's will can be affected by prayer. Join me in prayer for my brother. I don't feel worthy of asking this...but it is a big world, and a big sacrifice that Jesus made for each and every one of us. Join me in prayer.
Thank you!


doodlebugmom said...

I will be praying for your brother and for you.


Brother Marty said...

Prayers felt, Linda, Flyawaynet...bless you.

Given55 said...

Brother Marty,
I can feel your pain over this and understand your feelings. You have great faith and I know that you will be searching yourself for that intimate knowledge of what God is doing in this place, at this time. I will be lifting your brother and you up to the Lord God Almighty. Seek and you will find.

Mark H said...

I'm praying with you.

I share the struggle. My mom has had heart problems since her mid-thirties, open-heart surgery twice, and is now facing the onset of terminal heart failure at the relatively young age of 61. My brother is only 37 and he has had surgery twice now for prolapsed discs in his back - prognosis is likely partial paralysis in due course. His youngest son has a disorder which means that he hasn't developed normally physically or mentally. None of my family know Jesus, and none of them comprehend the power of His touch. My sister-in-law is fiercely opposed to Christianity and suffers from a number of long-term and possibly hereditary physical ailments from which Jesus set my wife free nearly 20 years ago.

So I won't say I understand exactly how you feel in your case, except that I know that it's heartbreaking. But I do know this and can testify to the truth of it: as we keep on praying, faith and hope continues to rise with every utterance - and declines with every silence.

So I'm praying with you whole-heartedly. Feel free to email me specific news so that I can track with you in prayer.

I have the utmost respect for trained physicians, but I know that it is the Lord, and nobody else, who knows and numbers our days.