Thursday, December 20, 2007

Answered Prayers - Praise God!

I got a call a few moments ago from my brother. He said, "Tell all your praying friends from church, and your town, and the Internet, and everybody everywhere...thank you for your prayers. It's not cancer!"

Thank you, Father, for hearing our prayers.
Thank you, Jesus, for it's in your name we pray.
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for making our prayers complete by picking up where our mere humanity leaves off.

Thank you, so many of you, from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and encouragement through these past weeks of terror and uncertainty. Bro' is going to be fine after healing from the holes they put in his head.

To put this in perspective, his initial prognosis was "grim". The mass in his brain was growing and nearly to the point where motor function was threatened before they took a biopsy. From the time that biopsy was taken a week ago...until today....countless prayers were lifted up for the matter to be dead, non-threatening, and for Bro' to have a full recovery. God answered those prayers and in my estimation delivered nothing short of a miracle.

In the love of Christ...again...
Thank you all.

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