Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Holy Spirit Invades

Tonight I went to a local church that was holding a prayer vigil for a boy diagnosed with terminal cancer. Tears were flowing (including mine) as people prayed for the boy. He is now at St. Jude's in Memphis and prayers were lifted up for him. But, the Holy Spirit convicted me to testify to the congregation that God listens to our prayers. I took the microphone and testified to the marvels and wonders of Our Lord as I've been witness to in the past. I spoke the words of God to this gathering. I didn't intend to, but His words invaded my personality, invaded my plans, invaded my very existence such that I couldn't contain myself. I spoke the words of the Holy Spirit. We prayed...deeply...we prayed.

I'm humbled by the presence of the Holy Spirit at times like these. May God's will be done...and be done AFTER hearing the prayers and supplications of His followers.
Afterthought: My heart is torn by the love that this boy has for Christ. May God's grace and mercy intervene in his situation. And may his victory over this malady bring new followers to Christ. I pray. Lord knows...I pray. Please join me in praying for Lucas...only 9 years old.

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flyawaynet said...

I've been praying since your first post about him.
I'm looking forward to seeing your post on his healing.