Tuesday, December 25, 2007

In Awe of The Christ Child

December 25 is the day we celebrate the birth of Our Saviour. It is the day we recognize that the world would never be the same without Him. For me, it is as if I'm there, a shepherd, spoken to by angels, rushing to behold first hand this great moment. Jesus is born.

Two thousand years later, it is as if I'm there. The miracle of birth. The miracle of miracles, that God would become man...no...a vulnerable infant. At a time when most newborns barely have a chance, this child comes to the world triumphant from the moment of birth...no...conception. The prophecies are fulfilled this night.

With His birth, comes a rebirth in me. With His birth, comes new hope, new direction, a new future...because God became man at this time. And the Gospels of Matthew and Luke give every detail.

May we all gain a new, refreshed, perspective on Christmas this year. May we be humbled by the reminder that God became flesh so that He could better appreciate our lots in life. May we be drawn closer to Him by virtue of Him trusting Himself to mere humans for nurturing and upbringing. I am renewed at this very Christmas. I am renewed in 2007. God became man for me...and for you. Let us not forget this.

May the joy of being a Christian envelope, surround, and uplift each of us in our faith, and move us to share this glorious event to those who do not know of it.

In the name of The Most Holy One I pray....on Christmas day...I pray.

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