Monday, December 03, 2007

Moved by Praise and Worship

Tonight, I saw the faces of young and old, praising and worshiping our Risen Saviour. I was moved to see arms lifted in praise, arms lifted in worship, arms lifted in deep, personal praise. Did I say I was moved?

Our little church has opened it's doors to those who want to come together in praise and worship. I saw it again tonight. There were only 40 there, but it could have been hundreds and the feeling of praise for Jesus would have not been anyway diminished. I was awed.

I encourage all who may read this blog to open your doors to praise and worship experiences. They are wonderful and at the same time without explanation. Praising God is a wonderful thing. It is never without the expression of glory to the name....glory to the purpose...never without granting that God loves us more than we can know. Praise and worship HIM...and you will never fall short. Praise Him!


gavin richardson said...

there is something wonderful about a praise & worship service.

Brother Marty said...

Wonderful, indeed, Gavin.
In the past 3 weeks I've seen 4 people with a love for Christ...but no church home...who've made our Sunday night service their weekly worship experience. What joy!

Mark H said...

I'm just a self-confessed worship junky, so I'm salivating as I read your posts about these meetings ;-)

Brother Marty said...

Be a worship junkie...duh...join the crowd! Never, ever, thought I'd be drawn to this, but I am. What a wonderfully refreshing way to worship. Words cannot explain. Junkie...You!