Thursday, July 17, 2008

God Heals....Some of Us Let Him Use Us

I've been slow to post as I'm otherwise engaged with my time and attention. But tonight I want to share. At our church's youth gathering tonight we had a 19 year old give a sermon and testimony. I was moved by it. When she was finished, one of the 9 kids came to the alter to give her life to Christ. I was specially moved by her preaching as she told of the various miraculous healings she has witnessed since being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

When she finished her sermon, and after prayer, I took the pulpit and endorsed her words about how the Holy Spirit will fill you and change you. Before she spoke I pulled her aside, at the urging of the Holy Spirit, and said to her, "Let the Holy Spirit speak...and you just be the mouthpiece"...or words to that effect. At least 3 times during her sermon, she looked at me and said..."I didn't plan this but I've gotta share it". It was awesome.

As with all young people, there were scoffers and disbelievers of what she had shared. I took the lead and (as an older geezer) endorsed what she had said about God working miraculously in the lives of true believers. The kids took the message seriously. She now feels empowered to share with a broader audience. She asked me if she could deliver the sermon this Sunday...and I told her she could. It is the culmination of a weekend youth retreat, so it is appropriate that church on Sunday be reflective of that. What joy in that person. What radiance in her. What a move of the Holy Spirit I witnessed as she left grateful for the opportunity to share what God has put on her heart with the church.

How many of us hold on to our territory so hard that we cannot let someone come in and interrupt it with a testimony and word from God that is placed on their hearts? I will gleefully step aside this Sunday for this young lady's testimony and message. (Although I did tell her to pray for discernment, as this will be a mixed/blended crowd of new and mature Christians). I don't know what she will preach, but I will support it as I know it is Christ working through her.

I titled this post about healing. This young girl prayed for and witnessed the healing of a deaf child at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL. She let's God use her. Can we all learn to let God use us? His providence is more than we can imagine.

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