Friday, May 23, 2008

God Spite of Us

God can heal us if only we turn to Him and ask...sincerely ask. I know of a person who is afflicted with many maladies...and she suffers from them daily. After weeks of suffering she simply turned it all over to God and the symptoms simply went away! Is that a testimony or what?

We are all, healers and healee's (if that's a word) subject to the will of God. All too often we try to put God in a box and say, "heal this or you're not real". Or, "heal me or your healing isn't for this time". All rubbish. God's will is merciful...yet reserved for Him alone. I'm currently suffering from a prayer for healing that isn't taking place. It is disturbing, yet grounding. I do not know the will of Our Father. But I pray that it be the same as mine.

An 11 year old boy named Lucas is dying of a brain tumor. I've prayed for him before he knew he had the tumor, and after it became known what had afflicted him. I pray for him daily. If it is God's will that he join Him in heaven sooner than his family wants him to go, so be it. But I pray for healing nonetheless. Will you join me in praying for a healing of young Lucas? Thy will be done...but can I influence that will? I pray that I can. Join me in prayer.
Thank you dear brothers and sisters in Christ....thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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