Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sometimes We Heal Ourselves

Often people make it a "God thing" that they are healed. More often than not...it is a "get real with yourself" thing that brings about healing. Ministers of healing are often the facilitators of this phenomenon. With that said, there are exceptions.

There are times when the will of the person being prayed for has nothing to do with their healing. It is purely by the mercy and grace of God. I could cite many times where the person being prayed for truly lacked faith, but the mercy of God overwhelmed the situation, and brought about healing. What a conundrum this brings. In spite of a lack of faith, our wonderful, loving God, Heals.

Why, I don't know. How, I have no clue. But heal, He does. And I'm proud to be a witness of this. I am overwhelmed at times by what He does...but subservient at all times to letting Him do His will through me or anybody He chooses. Isn't our God an Awesome God?

My prayer is that we all let God, through the Holy Spirit, influence our lives in ways we cannot imagine...we dare not imagine...and bring His fullness to this world we call Earth.
In Jesus name I pray...Amen.

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