Monday, May 19, 2008

Some Make it Tough to be in the Healing Ministry

Just gotta say, there is an outpouring (if you buy into this stuff) in Lakeland FL. A certain person in the name of Todd Bentley from Canada (no ill references to decent Canadians intended) is Big Time into revival in Lakeland, FL. I hold this person in disdain.

Give me money. Buy my CD. Be a "partner" for $30, 50, or 100 more a month...and God will bless you in a special way. I'm almost embarrassed to be in the healing ministry! Why do these charlatans get such press and support from churches throughout the nation? I don't get it? Is there nobody who has discernment? Again, I'm somewhat embarrassed to be in the healing ministry because of charlatans of this like.

Some may read this blog thinking that I'm into anything "healing". Nope. Not. I'm into the healing that comes from God, Almighty, who sometimes picks on someone like ME to be a facilitator. I do not buy into the alleged revival of this Todd Bently person. Not for a moment. It's all about making a dern good life off of sheep willing to give big bucks to be in his good graces. Charlatan...nothing less.

If I offend any friends who follow this blog, I am sorry that I have rained upon your parade. If you think he is of are mislead. For anybody who doesn't know about Todd Bentley, please Google his name and read. Your eyes may be opened.

I know of two people from our very small community who have attended the revival in Lakeland, FL...and none are any better for it. Oh yes, they felt an euphoria at the time...but their symptoms and problems came back immediately after coming out of the influence of the hypnosis that this supposed revival is all about. False. False. False.

Our loving Lord reveals Himself through deep, spiritual, selfless prayer and love. In that, healing comes. If you have to buy anything...BEWARE!

I sometimes wish I could pave the way to easy street by being a charlatan...but God says NO...don't fall for that crap. Please, believers...don't fall for that crap!

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