Monday, August 27, 2007

Them Thar Prophetic Guest Speakers

I watch the videos...I listen to the sermons...I study them all. There is the Elijah list, the prophetic movement, the word-faith movements, and the prosperity preachers. All a bunch of self-serving profiteers capitalizing upon the lost. I read of charismatic preachers brought up in the family trade. I read of those who've discovered the road to riches in the name of Jesus. How pathetic.

I pray that I learn that there is someone out there in the prophetic movement who isn't attracted more to capital enrichment than sharing the word of God. I fear that my prayers may go unanswered. I'm so drawn by the message they speak, while simultaneously being abhorred by the money they make. Let me illustrate.

A "prophetic" preacher is scheduled to come to our local community. On his website he states that a hosting church needs to be aware of the financial requirements to bring his prophetic message to their church. They must take care of all financial issues, such as airfare, hotel, food and other expenses, plus an "honorarium", plus be willing to have a love offering at all services. Add it up. Whatever the "honorarium" may be, there is the issue of the love offerings. Many ask for a love offering early in the service, then another when healing is offered, and another when they leave. But wait...if that "prophet" speaks at more than one event, the love offerings can really add up. If the "honorarium" is $1000, and the love offerings add to that...on a 3 day "conference" the evangelist can make 3 to 5 or more thousand dollars! More in urban environments. Beware!

When inviting some traveling evangelist to come share the word of God for you, in this time and age, beware. In all too many cases, it is a family craft handed down through the generations, as a means of making a good living. It isn't always about Christ...all too often about them making a good living.

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