Monday, August 20, 2007

Praying for a Cousin

Never thought I'd be moved to pray for someone at a family BBQ....but it happened. This last Saturday we were attending a family BBQ and I was overcome with the notion to pray for someone there. A second cousin...(at least, I understand that to be the relationship via my wife's relation) was in need of prayer. I didn't know it but she was pronounced with a terminal disorder, and I was compelled to pray with her. We prayed.

She was overwhelmed with the notion that someone would care enough to pray for her. I prayed for her. And she was overwhelmed by the spirit of Our Lord at that that prayer.
God rested mercifully upon her soul.

I don't know if any healing came from that experience, but I know that God spoke to me, to her, and to the prayer partner there...and it spoke powerfully. May God work mercifully in her situation. I just don't know what healing came from it.

I share this as I'm just a servant. I speak and pray where God tells me. I hope to be more open to this calling as I'm brought to it...but more importantly, to lift it up for all to come and receive His healing mercies. May God's mercy prevail!


PadreTom said...

My name is Fr. Tom Ganley, yu visited my blog..I have a healing ministry too..Divine Mercy Healing Ministry..ten years old 10/21/07..thanks for your comments..I am writing a book...Divine Mercy and Healing: "A Charismatic View" it should be ready by Thanksgiving..please keep in touch
bye for now..

dennis said...

Nice blog dear brother, I read almost all posts. Post about Paying for a Cousin was give me in deep thinking... my english is not so nice sorry but I`m trying to give my best...

Keep working on this way, way for peace

Good Bye!

Brother Marty said...

Thank you so much for the comments and encouragement, Fr Tom and Dennis. Our Lord humbles us when calling us to intercessory prayer. May we be continually open to hearing that call.