Monday, April 23, 2007

Maw Passed This Saturday

Thank you so much for the encouraging words, the replies to the posts, and the words of comfort. My mother-in-law passed away Saturday at 10:30 pm. I have to share that we got the phone call from relatives as we were already asleep. When we got up at 11:00 pm to answer the phone, my loving wife who had suffered so terribly for the past year said "Praise God". At midnight, we opened that bottle of champagne that had been in the fridge since New Years when we fell asleep too early to open, and toasted Maw.

If you've never been there, it is hard to comprehend. But if you have, you will know the joy of knowing that a suffering loved one has moved on to be with God. Maw is now with God. And my loving wife who has carried the burden of being the main caregiver for the past year is jubilant. We said "Praise God", and thank you, then toasted the new matron of heaven.

Again, thanks for the words of support and encouragement shared on this blog. Truly, I cannot recall a happier time in my life as the time when we heard that her suffering was over, her pain had ceased, and she had moved on to the ultimate healing.

I have the honor of giving a eulogy tomorrow, and I can't share with those there anything less than the impact she has had on my faith. If you've ever known someone who inspired your faith, you will share in my joy in telling how she impacted mine. Isn't God gracious?

Thanks again......Marty.


Stace said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a home going! Thoughts and prayers for you and your wife throughout this grieving process.

Brother Marty said...

I feel the same pain as you felt with the passing of your father. Isn't it wonderful to know that they are welcomed into God's glory?
Thank you so much for your comments. I've thought of you and Art often through this ordeal.
God Bless all followers of Jesus Christ.
ps...I might be "flighty" in these days to come...but I can't help it...she was such an inspiration to me, and as the mother of my wife...I'm somewhat beside myself.

flyawaynet said...

Brother Marty, my prayers are with your family.

Mark H said...

I don't always have the right words. To rejoice in her eternal peace, but mourn her temporary absence. I'll raise a glass to Maw with you if I may?

To Maw.

To Marty and family.

To Jesus: who has perfected Maw; and is perfecting us.

With love.

Brother Marty said...

Flyaway, Mark, thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers...and the toast!

TN Rambler said...

My sympathies on your loss and my excitement at the way you are choosing to celebrate her life and her passing on to a new life in Christ.