Saturday, April 14, 2007

Doubt or Belief - Doubting Thomas

The lectionary for this Sunday points to the Gospel of John and the incident where the doubting Thomas is confronted with the very real presence of Jesus Christ. Did you know that this Gospel passage, John 20: 24-27, is the first time in the Gospels that Jesus is referred to as God? Does Jesus rebuke Thomas for his assertion? No. In other words, Thomas identifies Jesus as God. The first such incident of this in the entire Bible.

We (those who read this Gospel account) refer to Thomas the twin as "doubting Thomas". But Jesus revealed his true nature at this time, through this account, as God. No, Jesus didn't rebuke him, rather, he lifted him up by virtue of his non-action (reaction).

Are we doubting Thomas's? Do we cubbyhole Jesus as the son of God, or God incarnate? I like Thomas. I'm with him, sharing his doubts, and sharing his proclamation. Jesus is God! Do I doubt? I did. Do I believe? I do. Call me "Brother Thomas", and I'll be gratified.

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