Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beneath The Surface of "Healing Ministry"

I have set my Google Alerts to tell me whenever Google comes across the term "healing ministry" as well as other key phrases. Every day my inbox is filled with accounts similar to this:

Our growing Healing Touch ministry at St. Paul's is having a tremendous impact, especially for people who live with chronic pain. In my 27 years of ministry I have seen the same kinds of healing that we read about from the ministry of Jesus.

More genuine Christian healing is taking place than anyone would imagine. Mainline churches, independent churches, and individuals without church affiliations are healing today in the name of Jesus Christ. The Order of St. Luke the Physician is just one international/interdenominational healing ministry.

If we can learn to call upon the name of Jesus Christ, with faith, this healing ministry will grow even more so than it is growing today. We, people of faith, need to practice what we preach and call upon the name of Jesus Christ with the confidence of children and command, with authority, that sickness, disease, injuries and deformities be overruled by the love of God.

If we seek to see more healing in our world, we must study the examples that the Gospels give us, pray like we've never prayed before, and make ourselves available to the Holy Spirit. In that relinquishing of self, a greater power will work in and through us, putting us in awe of the love of our Father.

Let us not rely solely upon the stories that float about concerning someone who received a miraculous healing through the prayers of, instead let us become the very instruments of healings right where we live. Are we meek and timid in the Holy Spirit? Are we afraid that we may be unworthy of God using us? If we've already given ourselves to Christ then we should acknowledge that we are not unworthy. If we've given ourselves to Christ we must admit that He can use us any way He wants. I submit that if we ask with a childlike faith, no bigger than that of a mustard seed, but ask, nonetheless, the power and glory of God's grace will reveal itself in healings, conversions and put us in full witness of the love He has for us.

Beneath the surface of what we see and hear about healing in the name of Jesus, it is more like an iceberg, where only what's above the line is what is seen. Look beneath to see the true mass of God's love for each and every one of us.

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