Friday, December 18, 2009

Christian Healing is More Prevalent than Most Think

I've been examining my personal recordings of how, when and where God healed in my presence. It's staggering! More importantly, I've been asking of other pastors who have an active healing ministry what they've observed. Again, it's staggering! Of us United Methodists who participate in one form of healing ministry or another, I've observed that there are a lot of UMC chaplaincies withing the Order of St. Luke the Physician. It's an international order of believers in the current, real, and true healings that take place in the name of Jesus Christ. Again, staggering.

I mention this because it is my belief that more and more healing takes place in large and small UMC congregations without being made headline news. I can tell of emphysema, heart and blood disorders, cancer, broken bones and more being positively affected by healing prayer. In some cases, merely being positively others, being totally healed. It's awesome, yet underreported.

I issue no plea for testimonials...just make the statement that healing is more prevalent...much more prevalent...than regular media would report. God is alive and at work through the power of the Holy Spirit...more than many fear to attest. Fear or's TRUE!

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