Friday, October 30, 2009

Letting God be God - Amazing!

Last Sunday was our Praise and Worship contemporary Sunday. It was a good service capped off by the message from Mark 10: 46 about blind Bartimaeus receiving his sight. After reading the scripture a man near the front asked that we pray over his back, saying that he just couldn't stand the pain. I told him we would pray over him after the message. When the sermon was over the closing video played..."Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone". The man came to the front pew and I called over 2 prayer warriors to pray with me. We prayed with intensity and confidence. After about 3 minutes of prayer we thanked God for his amazing grace, and finished singing along with the video. As I stepped to front-center of the congregation to give the benediction, the man who we had just prayed over stepped in front of me and exclaimed "The pain is gone...Really, the pain is gone!" We hugged right there in the front of the church with tears welling up in most the eyes I could see through my own tears. Finally the benediction was given and church was over.

Wednesday night bible study rolls around and the same man we prayed over on Sunday came in, saying "The pain is still gone - it hasn't come back" He commenced to tell how he'd been working on a backhoe all day putting in pipe. He says that his back always hurts from working on the backhoe but it didn't hurt that day at all. His testimony created a wonderful atmosphere for our study and when we closed with prayer he testified once again. It was like a child saying he got just the birthday present or Christmas present he wanted...excitement that couldn't be squelched. It is amazing how when we let God be God how he reveals his love, mercy and grace beyond measure. Amazing!

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