Friday, December 12, 2008

What a Wonderful God We Serve

A member of the local United Methodist church where I attended prior to becoming a pastor at another UMC church was suffering from a punctured colon after gastric bypass surgery.  What should have been a routine procedure was anything but.  Last Thursday morning I got word over the phone that she was in critical condition and that the doctors couldn't find the source of the puncture.  They were considering another operation if her condition didn't improve.  That was early Thursday morning.  At work I got the morning deposit together and walked to the bank, a mere half block away.  I stopped in a botique along the way.  It is owned by a fellow church member and in the shop was another member.  We talked about the person in the hospital and as we talked we were drawn to pray for her.  We prayed powerfully and thanked God for the healing He was providing.  That was Thursday.

Sunday I was in Birmingham (Alabama) where the church member had been hospitalized.  I mentioned to my wife that we should stop in and visit the woman who had the problems.  She told me that she had been released last Thursday afternoon.  WOW!  Yesterday I stopped in the botique and the same two women were there.  We spoke briefly when one of them said, "Isn't it awesome how God answers prayers?"  We looked at each other silently for a moment and all said "Praise God".  

I stay constantly awed by the wonders of Our God.  When we turn to Him and pray with boldness, He answers boldly.  May we continually acknowledge His riegn.

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