Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nothing from Vegas Stayed in Vegas

After 3 days of exhibiting in Las Vegas and staying at a local hotel and casino, I'm proud to say that nothing from Vegas stayed in Vegas. We brought back plenty of great leads and contacts and it was a good business venture. I have to admit that I was awed by Caesar's Palace, with the artificial sky and statues of Roman Emporors...it was awesome to behold the creativity of man to replicate early Roman times. The shops were overpriced and the food overpriced...but it was all good. Very good.

We have nothing to hang our heads about as everything was good and above board. We met some truly wonderful people. Everything from born-again Christians to Orthodox Jews...and the rest of humanity...we met plenty of good people and made plenty of good contacts. Everything from Vegas came back as leads and prospects.

Some of our best contacts were people of Christ who were making a living in Sin City. We met numerous Christian cabbies. To the shagrin of those with us, I engaged numerous cabbies about their spirituality and was amazed to find many bibles in cabs. I recall one Phillipino cabbie who was into the healing ministry and a follower of Father Fernando Suarez, a Catholic priest who is in the ministry. What a joy to converse with him.

So, even in the midst of Sin City,there is hope. I'm glad I was there to be a part of the hope.
In Christ....

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