Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Today was a normal "Food Bank Produce Drop" day.  We volunteer to help at this event and it is always a good experience.  Today, however, was especially moving.  I stop by when the truck comes and do the math to determine how much of what we received goes to each recipient.  Had about 50 people today and had about a ton and a half of food to distribute.  I did the math and calculated how much of what went to each person.  Then I was done.  Well, not quite...had to pick team leaders for distribution as I don't have the time to spend for the entire event.  Good folks doing the distribution...very good folks.  Once all the pieces were in place I left.

As I got in my car and pulled out of the parking space one of the first recipients was in her car and she called out to me.  She said..."Sir...thank you"  I said..."I just come and help it get going" which she replied..."Sir, I know you have a real job but you come here to help us...and I want you to know that I am grateful that you do this for us.  Thank you again".  I said..."you're welcome".  Then I cried.

As I drove away I cried and cried...because the love of Jesus reveals itself when we reach out to others and lend a helping hand.  If I got paid for this I would refuse the check.  If I got an ego trip out of it I would cancel the trip.  There is no better reward for sacrificing one's time and energy than to see that someone appreciates your effort.  I am unworthy of such praise...just awed by the love that others have when they acknowledge that others step out on their behalf.  Humbled...truly humbled.

I would go on to say that about 5 of the regular recipients step up and do the distribution.  They do it with joy in their hearts.  For all my worldly accomplishments (not much) I am nothing compared to those who give of their energies and time to help their fellow man (woman).  I am truly blessed to be a part of this monthly event...truly blessed.

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