Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Season Ends...A New One Begins

It's been since last September that we held a healing service.  This past Sunday 2 members of the congregation were lifted up by others as needing prayer.  At that moment I asked if they wanted to have a healing service and there were many "Yes, yes, yes"'s shouted out.  As May is a very busy month in the life of this rural congregation *(many homecoming/memorial services to attend at other churches), we set the date for the healing service for the first Sunday in June.  Of course, those needing healing prayer before then, were welcome to seek it.  

After Sunday services concluded one of the two people in the congregation lifted up came up and asked for a prayer.  We stood there in the front of the church praying fervishly for her macular degeneration.  When we finished we both exclaimed our love for God and one-another...then walked our separate ways.  

It is so good to see a season of few healing services come to an end and usher in a new season.  Isn't it strange how sometimes our walk goes in seasons rather than being a constant?

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