Friday, November 07, 2008

The Power of Love

Love incarnate.  That is Jesus Christ.  When he told us that we could do all that he did and more through the Holy Spirit, many did not know what that meant or how it could be.  Of late, I've had my eyes opened to what that meant and how it could be.  Live Love.  

Love the terrorists who vie for our demise.
Love the racists who see through hate-filled eyes.
Love the rulers who yield power more that care.
Love the loveless, close to home and everywhere.

When love rules our lives, Christ resides within us, empowering us to be His hands, feet, heart and soul.  But it's so hard to love sometimes...and some people.  In spite of how our "of this world" minds react to negativity, we must force ourselves to look at all that happens through the eyes of love, not the way we would see things.  When that happens, the power of love is revealed.

Laying hands on someone and praying for them is meaningless without a genuine love for the very soul of that person.  When we pray for healing we're actually praying for wholeness such that the love of Christ literally dwells within our midst. When our spirits are no longer at a dis-ease with love, then disease, pain, broken hearts and all that ails us is washed away.  It has happened to me and to those with whom I've prayed.  It has also failed to happen when that deep, Christlike, compassionate love was not mutually felt and embraced.  

I pray that when someone prays for healing that it first stem from a desire to love more; that it comes from a desire to be utterly filled with Christ's love.  In that prayer, in that state, God heals.

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