Friday, July 13, 2007

Healing Prayer

I'm in the process of re-reading the book "The Prayer That Heals" by Francis MacNutt, and have come across some interesting information. Specifically, do parents regularly pray with their children. It is noted that only 3% of those questioned ever remember a spontaneous prayer offered by their fathers for anything. Wow....just 3% recall their fathers praying in their own words for something/anything from God. I'm not in that slim percentile. My father prayed formal prayers. As a Roman Catholic, it was only the formal prayers that were taught. But that isn't what Jesus wants from us.

How often do we pray in our own words, one on one with Christ, and with the authority that He will hear and act upon our prayers? Really, I ask.

In the healing ministry it calls for us to speak with God personally, in our own words, for Him to make His presence known amongst us. I'm working on that in my personal prayer life....but wonder if anyone else is working on that in their prayer lives. God answers our prayers, if only we speak to Him personally....rather than "formally". Make sense?


Mark H said...

Makes a lot of sense!

"relationally" instead of "procedurally"

As if He's here, accessible, and willing, instead of over there, to be addressed from afar or by proxy, and requiring something of us other than acceptance of His Son.

How can we pray "your will be done" if we're not in relationship with Him - and, no, inferring His will solely from His biography, whilst a good start, doesn't quite seem to cut it.

I'm "lucky" in this topic of conversation in that I wasn't brought up with any liturgy. But, looking from the other side of the fence, there are also some wonderful blessings in the orthodox forms that shouldn't be chucked with the bathwater ;-)

Brother Marty said...

I too see the benefits of liturgy, as I often thumb through the Book of Common Prayer, as well as Roman Catholic prayers. While most are masterfully crafted, there is a need for the personal interactions with God that come from a genuine child of God. Kids talk kid-talk...and Daddy listens.
I try to glean what I can from the wordsmiths of times far gone, but find that the true, genuine "conversations" are the most meaningful to me.