Friday, May 11, 2007

Spiritual Rebirth in the Death of a PC

The death of a PC can be a spiritual experience. Yesterday my personal PC died. I will build a new one but will be thinking about how to start fresh. I have to start from scratch, leaving my old PC programs behind, and build a new system. Sights, sounds, manners of communicating, all start over again. In this process of deciding what I want and what I need, I'm finding myself looking at what was important before, and what may or may not be important now.

I'm now assessing again what is important and what is not. I'm now assessing again how and what to do with the new PC (me). Do I need all those time-wasting games and distractions? Do I install those programs again that I don't have a license to use on more than one PC? Shall I make it a clean start or rummage for remnants of the past? I can't help it...this is becoming a spiritual thing.


Art said...

Good luck. I guess a PC (and what we use it for) is a reflection of who we really are.

greg hazelrig said...

Be still and listen to God.

He'll let you know which games are worth putting back on. :)

Brother Marty said...

Art, Greg, thanks for the support. I'm waiting for some new parts to come in and we'll see what happens next. There's hope for the old system after all, but in the interim, I think I'll be streamlining a bit.

Till the old one is fixed or a new one emerges, these laptops are sure challenging to type on. Miss the ole keyboard!